Preserving the heritage of railroading in Western Pennsylvania                                 






West Pittsburg Station Pre-1920


We are located in West Pittsburg, PA and are dedicated to preserving the rich history of railroading in our area. Our society is comprised of railroad enthusiasts from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other states as far away as California.

Our organization began when an informal group of rail fans and railroad employees started meeting in a public library and a supermarket's community room in Beaver County. Today we are a full-fledged historical society meeting in our own train station in Lawrence County. In addition to the station, we own an interlocking tower, a watchman's shanty, an N5c cabin car, a Bookville rail car, a superintendent's track car, and many other historic railroad items.

The Beaver-Lawrence Railway Historical Society is registered as a non-profit historical organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



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